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25 Companies That Will Benefit From AI - Excerpt from PIVOT - 20 Trends For 2020

On the surface, it may seem as if artificial intelligence is all about social media algorithms and robots. But AI will impact every aspect of your life, from your health to your education to your career. You will make purchases in a more informed fashion. You will get to and from work differently. You will assess your health differently. You will meet and interact with people in ways we never imagined. And you will most certainly educate yourself in a manner that puts more emphasis on how to USE information than simply how to briefly memorize information for a test. I believe most of the changes will be positive. But, pay attention to how your environment is changing and be prepared to adapt.

Microsoft has already stored data on DNA strands! Google Assistant is expanding the definition of “search” on a daily basis. Apple is using AI to enhance everything from mobile phone usage to medical diagnostics via wearable devices. And Amazon...well, Amazon knows what you want to buy before you do and is planning for us to all live in space! (Search Blue Origin).

Other industries that will profit from AI are CPU and GPU chip manufacturers, augmented reality device manufacturers and tool developers, medical device companies, logistics companies, EV and AV automobile companies and social media companies.

Below is a list of 25 current companies that could benefit from the growth of AI (invest at your own risk):

  1. Apple

  2. Microsoft

  3. Facebook

  4. Twitter

  5. Amazon

  6. WalMart

  7. Google

  8. NetFlix

  9. Ford

  10. Tesla

  11. Uber

  12. Lyft

  13. Nio

  14. AMD

  15. Intel

  16. Nvidia

  17. Vuzix

  18. IBM

  19. Oracle

  20. Cisco

  21. Dell

  22. Square

  23. Shopify

  24. Salesforce

  25. PayPal

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