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Salveo Staffing Services

The leadership team for Salveo Staffing has been providing staffing services to start-ups, Fortune 1000 companies, business incubators, state and federal agencies for 20 years. We understand we are in the people business. We treat each opportunity with the individual attention it deserves. 

If you are an employer and you are tired of getting candidates that have not been effectively screened, we guarantee that won't happen with us. Each applicant will be personally interviewed and evaluated based on the specifics of your position before we submit their resume to you. 

And if you're a professional seeking a new opportunity and feel like recruiters are only chasing a commission and honestly have no idea what you're trying to achieve...well, we take the opposite approach. We talk to you FIRST, so we can understand your objectives and then we look for opportunities that can best meet those objectives. We have blended new-school technology with old-school relationship building. It works. 

Salveo Staffing: Information Technology

There are several new technologies and methodologies rapidly shaping the business landscape. Professional Project Management, Agile Solutions, Cloud Computing, Remote Collaboration and Business Intelligence & Analytics are at the center of most rapidly growing businesses in 2020.


Salveo Staffing focuses on those areas of expertise and the professionals leading the way into the future. PMPs, CSMs, Cloud engineers and Business Intelligence analysts are needed for you to compete now and over the next 20 years.  Salveo can help.

New Hires
  • Project Managers 

  • Scrum Masters 

  • BI Analysts

  • AWS & Azure Engineers

  • Network Admin

  • Software Engineers

Salveo Staffing: Healthcare & Wellness

Salveo is the Latin word for 'Be Well'. Wellness is who we are at our core. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and Salveo Staffing is here to help healthcare professionals find opportunities that check all their boxes, both personally and professionally.


And for those healthcare organizations looking for the people that can truly make a difference in your organization, Salveo uses modern technology and search techniques to find professionals that meet all of your requirements. 

Hospital Staff
  • Nurses

  • Physicians

  • Pharmacists

  • Chiropractors

  • Office Management

  • Medical Sales

Salveo Staffing: Financial Services

The world is more connected and complex than it has ever been before. That means investors have more choices and more opportunities than at any point in our history.  This combination of complexity and opportunity creates a need for professional financial service advisers. 


Salveo Staffing has a 25+ year history in the financial services industry. If you're looking to start a new career or if you're graduating from college soon and have an interest in the financial services industry, let us know. 

Co Workers
  • Financial Advisers

  • Client Management 

  • Financial Analysts

  • CFPs

  • Communications

  • IT

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